Happy Belated Thanksgiving from North Carolina

So I went to North Carolina to visit my mom and cousin for Thanksgiving. I really needed to get out of New York for a while, as I’ve been developing a real love / hate relationship with the city for the past few years now. My second novel, which I’m trying desperately to finish right now, is also set here, like my first, and I need to be here to do research. But I also derive much of my inspiration from this crazy place – from the people, the neighborhoods, the culture, the art, the public places, the landscape, the architecture, the history. I don’t think I can ever really leave it. Yet, it’s so hard to work here with all the noise (which prevents both sleep and, at times, access to your own mind), the total lack of privacy, the constant over-stimulation. Not to mention the expense, which I now feel the weight of so much more than when I had a full-time law job. So, I don’t know. Maybe someday I really will move to San Francisco or L.A. or Miami where things are more low-key (and warm!) Or maybe I’ll just keep taking short trips.

Anyway, here are some photos of my much-needed trip to N.C. Very small town, very quiet, very peaceful, very relaxing.

Country road.

Local church.

Small restaurant in the small downtown area. It was the only place I could find open the day after Thanksgiving. There were just enough people there for it to be interesting without being uncomfortably overcrowded.

Katy. Once a farm cat, she’s become an indoor kitty since moving out of the country and into town. She’s very sweet but she always refuses to look into the camera when getting her photo taken.

…unlike my cousin’s cute little parakeet.

Cat and bird seemed to get along quite nicely. At least that’s what kitty led me to believe… Twice when the bird flew off his perch to have some birdfeed, I found kitty suddenly sitting up all alert and ready to pounce…

My favorite little mall in Durham, built out of old tobacco warehouses, and which houses one of my favorite rare and used bookstores, Wentworth & Leggett.

Where I found an early edition of one of my favorite books.

Thanksgiving dessert: pumpkin cheesecake!

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  1. Love you think Los Angeles is “low Key” lol. It’s just different energy and more… spread out! L.A is nice but it’s still just as crazy. I’d say just keep making trips.

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