Jenifer Ringer Talks About Her Weight on the Today Show

If you guys haven’t seen this yet, Jenifer Ringer was on the Today Show talking about Sir Alastair’s criticism of her weight, her past eating disorder, and the struggle to be thin for ballerinas in general. I hadn’t known, but Natalie Portman lost 20 pounds for Black Swan!

Poor Jared Angle! He hasn’t gotten anything out of this – and he supposedly sampled half the damn Sweet Realm!

Oh also, it’s interesting to look at the comments in the Huffington Post post; quite different from those on Jennifer Edwards’ earlier post in which many commenters supported Macaulay.


  1. The issue I have with them making a big deal about Natalie Portman (who got her start in theatre in Broadway in a musical ;)) is that MANY Hollywood stars loose AND gain weight for movies, not just females. Males as well.

    Frankly I think that reviewer needs to be shot. She looks amazing. I’d like to see Alistair put the equivalent of 10,000 lbs of pressure on his toes day in and day out and see how he stands up.

  2. I saw this interview. At least she’s secure enough in herself to move past this and not get hung up on one guy’s opinion. I must say, she certainly didn’t look heavy to me in the clips they showed of her dancing.

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