Amanda Hocking Interview

I have an interview up today on the Huffington Post with mega bestselling indie novelist / wunderkind Amanda Hocking (pictured above). If anyone likes to read paranormal romance or urban fantasy, you should seriously check her out. She’s only 26 and she has a number of bestselling books out.


  1. I just discovered this young writer and am on the 4th book of My Blood Approves, which I have found very entertaining. Although I almost quit reading it at the first book because I felt she copied so much of Stephanie Myers series Twilight. But I endured because there was something about this series that was different from Twilight and that is what I was looking for.
    I am truly enjoying this series and this writer, but I do have an issue with her editor. The editing in these books is horrible. There are a lot of small grammatical mistakes, such as repeating words or leaving out words so that you have to go back and re-read because it just doesn’t make sense. No body is perfect, but if you are paying somebody to proofread your books you should expect better.
    But all in all she is a great writer and I will read her other books and hope that this corrects itself.

    • Thank you for commenting here, Mari. I’m glad you like Amanda’s books. She mentioned that she’s looking for new editors, so hopefully that will all be fixed in the future.

  2. I discovered Amanda’s writing through the Kindle store. I started with the Trylle Trilogy. I’m now on the 4th book in the My Blood Approves series. Amanda is a talented story teller and considering her age, I am excited to follow her career/writing, especially with the exceptional improvements she’s already made in her writing. Comparing the vampire books to the troll books, she’s learning to cut the fat/fluff from her books, and to smooth her transitions. I agree with Mari that she is in dire need of a good copy editor. But for the price I’m paying for these books, it’s hard to complain, but, yes, it is distracting. I can’t wait to read her next work (a zombie theme I believe). The only thing I hope that she corrects soon is to trim her crutch phrases, namely: “she bit her lip” and “he ran his fingers through his hair”, as they’re used far too much. I adore her work though!

    • Hi Tracy – I know she has a new editor now, so hopefully that will all improve! Thank you for commenting.

  3. I so envy Amanda Hocking. I have had my mystery books on as nook books for some time now and can’t figure out how to let people know they’re there. How did you people find Amanda’s books, so you could start reading them. I need to read her too. I love that kind of books.

    • Aloha. I friend showed me the Huffington Post article. That’s how I first heard of her. However, before her huge success, Amanda says she posted a lot on Twitter and Facebook and her blog. Such an inspiring story!

  4. Hi Peggy,

    I met Amanda on in the Writers Cafe. So that’s how I know about her books – I really don’t often consult bestseller lists. You should join Kindleboards. You can promote your books there – if they are available on Amazon. You can meet lots of other indie authors and readers. It seems like many of the self-published authors who are selling so well post there often, so you can learn how others became successful by reading the various threads. People talk about pricing, promotional opportunities, getting reviews, all that stuff. I know there’s a Nook boards as well, but I think the Kindleboards are a little more active.

  5. I am a college professor and I teach Mass Media, would I be able to get a contact email or phone number for Ms. Hocking?

    I’d love for her to come in and speak to one of my classes.

    Thank you. Great work by the way!


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