I’m on the Lit Chick Show!

I’m very psyched to be this week’s guest on the Lit Chick Show, a wonderful Australian-based literary website, which stands for literary chicks, not chick lit :), and which has hosted interviews with people like Smashwords founder Mark Coker and bestselling indie author Vicki Tyley. A huge thank you to author and host Sylvia Massara for having me!

Check out the show’s archives for other author interviews – they have several months’ worth. And, if you’re one of this blog’s readers who happens to be an author, you can get involved in Authors Helping Authors.


  1. Hi Tonya,

    It was a pleasure having you on the show. Best of luck with your book and I hope to see you soon, when your next book is ready–so you can tell us all about it on the show!

    Cheers, Sylvia Massara

  2. Jeffrey Orling RA


    What a hoot to here you speak about Swallow! Just a shout out from one of your biggest fans! And a big thank you again for all your incitement writing about ballet.


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