Jittin’ Genius

My favorite from last night’s Live to Dance semifinal. I hadn’t heard of jitting, which he described as a more modern version of the jitterbug of the 50s. To me it looked like original break dancing or krumping without the attitude, but the jitterbug connection makes sense. I loved it. I hope America votes him into the finals.

I wasn’t so in love with the child ballroom duo. Whenever anyone dances to The Beat I just can’t keep from thinking of Yulia Zagoruychenko and her old partner Max Kozhevnikov and whatever’s before me just pales in comparison. Their legwork and some of the partnering was sloppy. I know they’re kids but I’ve seen much better at ballroom competitions.

I am glad the public voted the ballet dancers – White Tree Fine Art – into the semis for next week.

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  1. Ahhhh The Beat! Still and always The Best, and again I must thank you for piquing my interest in Latin Ballroom! I’ve become a junkie, and now want all the inside dirt! Did Riccardo openly proclaim his love for Yulia? (He wasn’t pictured at Shirley’s recent 50th Birthday bash…. but Yulia was seen next to her “ex” Max?) And Slavik dumped Anna! Will the dreamed-of (and perhaps inevitable) partnering with Yulia finally happen? I thought Riccardo & Yulia’s choreography was tired this season ~ will my little genius Derek Hough soon shine as the internationally-acclaimed choreographer he could be for these teams?

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