New San Francisco-Based Ballet Blog, Odette’s Ordeal, Launching

Here’s a new ballet blog to add to your list of daily reads. It’s written by Teri McCollum, who’s a dedicated San Francisco Ballet-goer, so it’s largely based on that company and other dance goings on in San Fran. I’ve been subscribing to Ms. McCollum’s pre-launch emails for a while and can say she’s an excellent writer who comes up with lots of interesting stories. So, welcome to the ballet blogosphere, “Odette”!


  1. Thank you for your warm welcome, Tonya! You’ve been a mentor of mine for a few years now; I feel as though we are bicoastal ‘sisters’ with our similar interests and background. Your support is greatly appreciated, as is your consistent ability to keep all of us in SF informed about NYCB & ABT goings on. I hope my new web site is as popular a site to visit for Right Coasters, as yours is for us Left Coasters. SFB Gala being tomorrow night, look for my observations shortly thereafter! A big shout out to all the SFB lovers out there! (And we STILL miss you, Gonzalo!)

    • Oh that’s so sweet of you to say 🙂 Thank you Teri! I miss Gonzalo too! – He’s been out (I guess with an injury) for the season so far. I hope he’s back to dancing soon!

  2. Yay!!!! Ive been waiting for someone to do a blog on the SF dance scene like Tonyas. Im excited to see who and what comes up on the blog.

  3. just bookmarked the blog. Thanks! check out these cool ballet bags

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