Ballroom Kids Win “Live to Dance”

Apparently the young ballroom dance duo, D’Angelo and Amanda, won the first Live to Dance championship last night. Coming in second place was the 11-year-old contemporary / jazz dancer, Kendall Glover, and placing third were the ballet pair, White Tree Fine Art.

Thank you to reader Irina for emailing me about the show’s results! You guys, I am so sorry but I’ve been so crazy busy trying to finish my second novel, get it out, and get the third going. I know I haven’t blogged much about ballroom lately – and I’m sorry – it’s my passion, it really is! My third novel, by the way, is going to have a good deal of ballroom in it, so I think that’s what’s been going on with me – all my attentions have been taken with the novels…

Anyway, because of the books and the ballet, I’ve missed the last three weeks of Live to Dance and am going to have to watch YouTube videos to catch up. I remember not liking the ballroom pair a whole lot, nor Kendall, but loving that break dancer. Too bad he didn’t place. I am glad ballet had a showing in the finals though.

I’m off to a reading (Benjamin Hale – can’t wait to read The Evolution of Bruno Littlemore!) but hope this weekend to look up some of those YouTube clips so I can see if D’Angelo and Amanda got any better from the last time I saw them.

Thank you to Irina for making me aware of the final results! I promise to get back into the ballroom swing of things soon!

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  1. How nice! I recently did a unit of study on ballroom dance with my middle school aged students. These two young dancers look very focused.

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