Dancing With the Stars Season 12 Cast

I can’t believe I watched The Bachelor for this! I hate reality TV shows!

Anyway, if you missed ABC’s announcement / mini press conference, here’s the season 12 cast:

Sugar Ray Leonard
Chelsea Kane (Disney star)
Romeo (hip hop artist)
Ralph Macchio (Karate Kid star)
Petra Nemcova (supermodel and UN spokesperson)
Kendra Wilkinson (reality TV person)
Hines Ward (footballer, Steelers)
Mike Catherwood (missed who he is, sorry)
Wendy Williams (talk show host)
Chris Jericho (wrestler)
Kirstie Alley

Not horribly excited about this cast. Most interesting to me at this point are Sugar Ray (duh!), Kirstie Alley, and Ralph Macchio. Okay, those are the only ones I really know anything of. Whenever new casts are announced it always drives home how out of it I am pop culture-wise 🙂

Anyone you guys are particularly excited about?

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  1. absolutely none of them. It’s pretty much a horrible cast. I can’t figure out why they keep getting people who have said they don’t want to do it (multiple times, and I know she’s allowed to change her mind but whatever) when there are people who have said they want to do the show. It boggles my mind a bit.

    Mike C hosts LoveLine with Dr. Drew Pinsky (maybe we’ll see him in the audience. I’d watch for that).
    Most likely Jonathan will get paired Kendra and most likely won’t last long. Dmitry is paired with Petra and most likely she’ll be voted off early (models have never lasted long on the show). Anna T. is paired with Sugar Ray. Tony most likely is paired (but wasn’t been confined) with Windy and again gets screwed in the partner department. Maks is most likely (again not confirmed) paired with Kristie because I think the producers think they will butt heads.

    I know that sounds so cynical and maybe it is but the show this season is a little ridiculous.

  2. I can’t wait to watch Hines Ward dance!

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