Jose Carreno in “Swan Lake” on Dancing With the Stars

Did you guys see it last night? I don’t know who choreographed but it’s obviously a version created for fans of Black Swan the movie, showing both black and white swans vying for Prince Siegfried’s attention, and shortened for the allotted time. Lorena Feijoo from San Francisco Ballet and her sister, Lorna, from Boston Ballet, danced the white and black swan. Interesting that they didn’t have Jose in tights. I hate it when male ballet dancers don’t wear tights. You can’t see the movement at all; it just doesn’t look like ballet. Still, I think our Jose looked better than Jose Martinez in pants.

Also, regarding yet more Black Swan controversy: E! is now positing that because Sarah Lane and Isabella Boylston are both in ABT, Lane’s statements to Dance Magazine about the amount of dancing she did for the film were motivated by sympathy for Boylston. This is becoming just a little absurdist.


  1. Forgive my cynicism, but i think this controversy is being kept alive because it benefits both parties.

    The studio wants to sell DVD’s.

    And Sarah Lane is just one of several deserving, young, female soloists who hopes to be promoted to principal. Raising her profile definitely doesn’t hurt her chances and it’s free publicity for ABT.

    Also getting lots of attention for ABT is Misty Copeland. This young woman has been on a major charm offensive throughout black media as she sells ballet, ABT and herself to black audiences.

    Is Ms. Murphy departing with Mr. Stiefel and just how many slots for female principals with be open?

    • Hi Sunset12 – I meant to respond earlier but got so busy… Yeah, I agree with you. I think the controversy is good for publicity for both sides. I think what annoyed me so much about that article I linked to is that the writer just figured that since Sarah and Isabella danced in the same company, they must be good friends — good enough for Sarah to have been motivated to make those statements to Dance Magazine just to help Isabella get back and Ben Millepied. It’s so ridiculous. Makes me wonder how many soap operas that writer watches. Much more believable that Sarah was frustrated and – yeah – wanted some attention for herself than that she told Dance Magazine about her dancing simply to help Isabella get back at Ben. But this is the age of the internet, and journalists can say what they want.

  2. I think this is all being kept in the news because Susan Lucci will not be playing Erica Kane anymore. A Diva void has been created, and it must be filled!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    It’s a simple universal law. So there.

  3. Jose Carreno gave my studio a master class November 2011. He was amazing. Just flat out awe in shock amazing. And omg in real life he is drop gorgeous! And his dancing! And his class! Agh. Amazing. Best class I ever have had. Love him. Oh and he smells good.

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