Jose Carreno and ABT Live-Streamed from the Guggenheim this Sunday and Monday

The Guggenheim’s Works and Process event this coming Sunday and Monday nights (May 1st and 2nd) is entitled “ABT: On to Act II” and focuses on what awaits a principal ballet dancer upon retirement from an illustrious career. The focus of course is on Jose Manuel Carreno, who will retire in June during the company’s Met season, and who’s long been one of my personal favorites in ABT and in the world. I remember when Julio Bocca gave his farewell performance I thought how upset I’d be when it was Jose Carreno doing the same. That day in late June is not going to be a happy one for me…

The W&P panel will consist of Carreno, Susan Jaffee, Frederic Franklin, and several ABT administrators, and there will be excerpts from the company’s upcoming Met season performed. (It hasn’t yet been announced who the dancers will be.) There will also be a slide show of the photography of Rosalie O’Connor, who successfully transitioned from ABT dancer to company photographer (and who took the above picture of Carreno in Don Quixote).

As with all of the Guggenheim’s W&P events of late, this one will be live-streamed on the Guggenheim’s ustream channel. So even though the event is sold out, we all get free admission 😀 Just tune in at 7:30 p.m. ET either night, and again, you can also participate in the live-chat which takes place on that channel alongside the live video.

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