For Ballroom and DWTS Fans: Cast Your Vote in the Swarovski / Dance USA 2011 Championship

For all you ballroom and DWTS fans who read this blog, Swarovski Elements (you know, the crystal designers whose stones everyone uses for their dresses) recently teamed with Dance USA to host a little costume competition. At the April 2011 Dance USA Championship, held in Baltimore, several top couples in various divisions – including my personal Latin fave, Valentin Chmerkovskiy and Daria Chesnokova (in video above) – was dressed in a costume designed by one of four leading costume designers (working with Swarovski gems of course). They want your input on which costume (and / or couple) you like best. You can watch videos of all the couples and vote online at Swarovski’s Facebook page.

Here’s a ballroom couple – Daniel Shapiro and Katya Kolvalyova.

The videos made me homesick for a ballroom competition. Blackpool time is just about here and unfortunately I can’t go again this year; I’ll be at Book Expo America instead. But I do hope to go to the Manhattan DanceSport Championships at the Brooklyn Bridge Marriott at the beginning of July.

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