Marcelo Gomes Rehearsing With Cisne Negro

Review of Cisne Negro and Marcelo’s Paganini coming soon but for now I just had to post this beautiful photo (by Mark Squires) of Marcelo rehearsing with the company.


  1. Tonya! Could this image of our Marcelo be more Gorgeous??? Can’t wait for your review!

  2. Tonya, is this a ballet about Paganini? Or something more general using his music? I’m fascinated to know. There’s a wonderful doc you can pull up on You Tube about the maestro, and is worth checking out. don’t have the address, but should be easy to find. While I was a dancer, I used to also play the violin in different pit orchestras while I was living in florida. I still play. It is one of the few pieces of advice I ever took from my mother, to keep playing throughout my life. Cheers!

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