Self-Published Success Turned Amazon Poster Girl, Maria Murnane

For you writers and fiction-lovers out there who read this blog, I wrote a profile for the Huffington Post on author Maria Murnane, who originally self-published her novel, Perfect on Paper: the (Mis)adventures of Waverly Bryson (a sweet romantic comedy). After tirelessly promoting the book, and using very clever and original marketing methods, the novel had so much buzz that Amazon picked it up and published it through its publishing arm, AmazonEncore. The book has since been published in Hungarian and German, through Random House, and a film agent is scouting for a film deal. Amazon is also publishing her sequel, It’s a Waverly Life, this November. Ahhh, the success every indie author hopes for 🙂 Here is an earlier review I wrote of Perfect on Paper. And here is my HuffPo profile on Murnane.


  1. Loved reading this on the Huffington Post yesterday. Great article!

  2. Tonya, thank you so much for your support! I hope you enjoy the sequel as much as you did Perfect on Paper. 🙂

    • Thank you, Maria – yes, I’m very excited to read the sequels! By the way, several people have told me they found the HuffPo profile very informative, so thank you again for chatting with me about all the amazing marketing you’ve done!

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