Pasha Gets His Own Show!

With my move, I didn’t have time to keep up with it, but this season Pasha Kovalev was a professional dancer on the British TV show Strictly Come Dancing (which our Dancing With the Stars is modeled on). He danced with British celeb Chelsea Healey (photo above).

It’s just been announced that he and another pro dancer from that show, Katya Virshilas, will get their own tour this spring. They’ll be performing in various theaters in England. Local dancers will join them, but they’ll be the headliners. Hope it’ll eventually come to the U.S.

Makes me so happy to know that Pasha’s doing so well with his career. I wonder what Anya Garnis is up to these days. I don’t know of Virshilas. Any of my ballroom peeps familiar with her?

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