Roberto Bolle’s Fridge

In a recent issue of the Italian magazine Corriere della Serra, Roberto Bolle (along with several other celebrities) revealed the contents of his refrigerators – both the one he keeps in his New York home, and the one in his Milan kitchen. The blogger Gramilano has nicely translated. (Above photo from Gramilano as well.)

So, he’s one of those dancers who’s a real health nut. He eats seitan 🙂  Seriously though, I think seitan is actually quite good. But I’m not sure what he means by not being able to buy mineral water in the United States…


  1. Bolle is quite well and comfortable to use, those who’s a real health nut.

  2. Osiris R. Larregoity

    What is Bolle up to these days? I mean, what is he doing?

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