Rhea’s Laser Light Show

Thought I’d let my cat people readers know about a fun new cat toy that Rhea loves. With my long work hours and kind of crazy commute I’ve been having some issues with kitty lately – namely that she doesn’t want to let me sleep at night because I haven’t played with her all day. I was complaining to one of my friends at work and she asked her sister, who works at a company called Lucky Litter, to send me a couple of play-by-herself cat toys. The company specializes in self-cleaning litter, which I haven’t yet tried.

Anyway, Rhea absolutely loves this laser toy. What I like about it is that you don’t have to flash the wand all about but can set it on a shelf or a table, push the button, and it shoots a bouncing red light all over the place all on its own. So I can just set it up and go do my things and Rhea plays with it by herself.

The instrument the laser emanates from is the cute little white robot-looking thing at the bottom center of this picture.

Fun fun! Thank you, friend at Lucky Litter 🙂

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