Misty Copeland and FIREBIRD Excerpts Live-Streamed from the Guggenheim

For Californians (like me) who missed Misty Copeland’s Firebird at Segerstrom last month, or for New Yorkers and others hoping to catch a pre-Met season glimpse, she’ll be performing excerpts of it at the Guggenheim as part of the museum’s Works and Process event next Sunday and Monday nights, April 29th and 30th. The event is sold out but will be live-streamed on the Guggenheim’s ustream channel, so everyone everywhere can watch. It begins at 7:30 pm ET, so 4:30 PST, and they usually last an hour and a half. The Guggenheim usually does a good job with these live-streams and if you sign up for a ustream account, you can participate in the live chat. Otherwise, they usually keep the videos posted for a while so you can watch at your leisure.

It’s not just Misty performing though; it’s a celebration of ABT’s upcoming Met season. So you’ll see others perform excerpts of the upcoming ballets as well, such as Cory Stearns and Hee Seo in Onegin, Sascha Radetsky in Swan Lake, Craig Salstein and Kristi Boone and others in The Dream, and ABT Studio Company members will perform the Swan Lake Czardas. Also, according to the press release, Roman Zhurbin will perform a special character medley. Hmmm, sounds very intriguing!

Panelists include Copeland, Zhurbin, Salstein, and Reid Anderson, director of the Stuttgart Ballet, and the moderator will be John Meehan, professor of dance at Vassar.

You can also follow on Twitter @WorksandProcess and by hashtag #WPLive. But I highly recommend the live-streaming if you can!

Above photo of Misty Copeland with Herman Cornejo by Gene Schiavone, taken from LA Times Culture Monster.


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  1. I’ve been loving the Guggenheim’s Works and Process series. I knew ABT would be back this year, so thanks for the reminder! Pleasantly surprised at the number of “more well known” dancers who are participating this year…not that I’m complaining 😛
    Definitely intrigued and excited for Roman’s character medley!

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