When I first saw the poster for this new ABC Family show a couple weeks ago I got so excited for Sophie Flack, thinking her young adult novel of the same name had been made into a TV series. But as I read more about it, I realized the plot was completely different. Still, the series looks interesting. It follows the path of a ballet-trained Las Vegas showgirl who’s kind of returning to her origins. It’s written by Amy Sherman-Palladino, who studied ballet as a child and created the hit TV show Gilmore Girls. There’s lots of good info about it here. It premieres June 11.

I do think it would be awesome though if there were a TV series that followed pro ballet dancers in a New York-based company 🙂


  1. Tonya, you may just get your wish. Next week marks the premier of “Breaking Pointe”, a reality show featuring Ballet West. Not quite New York, but not bad, either.

    Actually, I think featuring a company like Ballet West is a smart move. The company may have more American bread dancers who come from regular places and backgrounds rather than the hothouse environment of N.Y., with all of it’s exoticism, children of former pro dancers, and trust fund babies lurking around every corner. Or not. Maybe audiences would love the latter!

    I hope you write a review of the show’s premier next week.


    • Thanks for letting me know about it, Jeff! I don’t watch CW so missed all the commercials for it. I’m not always home at night, so I’m so glad they’re showing free replays online!

      • I don’t know if you know this, but………I was reading the Huff Post today, and bumped into a short article about Shonda Rhymes (spelling?) complained on Twitter that “Bunheads” didn’t have any characters of color in it.

        Thought you might find it interesting for your blog.


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