A CHANCE TO DANCE Premieres on Ovation this Friday, August 17

Reminder: A CHANCE TO DANCE, a new show on Ovation TV, where dancers throughout the US audition for and learn a routine created by Britain’s Ballet Boyz to be performed with the SO YOU THINK YOU CAN DANCE TOUR, premieres this Friday evening. The network sent me an advance preview and I really think this one will be better than many of the current shows — a big reason being that it seems to be more focused on – hello- dance. Most of the footage – at least what I was sent – is of Michael Nunn and Billy Trevitt — the Ballet Boyz, both of whom danced with the Royal Ballet — actually rehearsing the dancers. They talk a lot about the choreography, about what they want from the performance, about what makes a dancer captivate the audience, about all the aspects of a show that really make a performance work, including, very importantly, the right music. Trevitt says at one point that great music can save bad choreography but the reverse is not true, which I found interesting…

At one point, one of the men (I think it’s Trevitt again) tells a dancer he’s focusing too much on technique, not enough on performance, which of course I love! As they rehearse the dancers, they’ll call out the name of the ballet steps, giving the audience insight into the dance, into this rarefied world. The backstage melodramatics, at least from what I was shown, seem minimal.

Here are a few clips.

Meet the choreographers here:

One on Trevitt’s dance tips:

Allison Holker’s dance tips (you’ll remember her from SYTYCD)

And a couple funny ones — Trevitt learning to pole dance:

And the two Brits in a Texas road-side shop trying to find clothes that will allow them to fit in with the locals, and a place to go dancing:

For more info on finding your local Ovation station, go here.


  1. My daughter is 23 yrs. and has danced her entire life and I believe your ” A Chance To Dance” reality show could be an answer to my daughters lifelong dreams of being a Dancer/Choreographer. Are there more auditions set up for ” A Chance To Dance”? If so, where and what is required?
    My daughter presently attends college, but her interest and passion is for dance and the opportunity to choreograph great dance pieces for MTV, Movies, Dance Companies etc.
    I anxiously await your reply. I’ll inform her about my discovery of ” A Chance To Dance”. Thank You Mr. Lythgow & Ballet Boyz

  2. I loved the show and that makes me angry at myself.
    It was a show of lies and manipulation of the viewer and worse than that they lied, manipulated and exploited the aspiring dancers. The final show was the end all. The last minute anouncement that they could only take eight instead of the 12 they said they would take was disgracefull. And the fake tears and promise to somehow get the company all back together again were more lies. Notice that they picked 4 boys and 4 girls and that was thier intention all along. Billy and Trevor knew from the very beginning that they were only going to be taking 8 on tour but, never once were truthful about it. I was disgusted at how they used these dancers to further thier own ends and after this “tour” is over they will all be cast aside. It’s embarrasing how they suckered the viewing audience along for the entire series. If this is what the arts world is really like then thank goodness I persued another career.

  3. I went to the SYTYCD tour and the Chance to Dance dancers were NOT there. why?!?

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