Arunas & Katusha, Blackpool Champs Again!

arunaskatushaI’m mainly a Latin girl, but these two have really given me an appreciation for standard ballroom as well. I really think they’re the closest thing we have to a contemporary Fred and Ginger. They’re not just technical perfection, they’re fun to watch as well. He’s so charming and she’s so elegant.

Anyway, they’ve just won the pro standard ballroom championship at Blackpool, now for the sixth time. And they’re the first American couple to have done so.

Left is a photo I took of them at the Manhattan Dancesport Championships when they first started dancing together, and below are a couple of more recent videos I love. The first is a quickstep – my favorite of the standard dances. (And I love how they’ve altered Heart of Glass by Blondie!) And the second is a beautiful, romantic waltz. With her in that gorgeous white dress, she kind of looks like a bride. How’d you like that to be your wedding dance! Enjoy 🙂

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