“Love Between the Covers” Movie Premiere!

LoveBtwCoversIf you’re one of the bazillions of fans of romance novels, there’s a new documentary film about to hit the circuit called “Love Between the Covers.” Director Laurie Kahn interviews over a four-year period several romance authors and their fans, as well as many industry professionals, about what makes romance the most fascinatingly vibrant, and by far the best-selling genre in fiction.

The movie’s getting awesomely rave reviews! I particularly like this one, from Marsha Lederman in “The Globe and Mail:”

“It’s easy to dismiss this H.E.A. (Happily Ever After) literature, but the film surprises with its feminist message: Romance fiction is sneered at, we’re told, because it’s written by, read by, and is about women. This is the one place where you will consistently find women’s sexuality treated fairly and positively. As one author puts it: “You can have sex without dying horribly, which I thought was a plus.”

It’s having its premiere at the Los Angeles Film Festival, and I definitely plan to be there. If you come to the LA screenings, Kahn’s is giving away gift baskets full of – what else – romance books 🙂

If you can’t be at the premiere, visit the movie’s website to check it out and see where it’ll be showing near you. There’s so much cool info on their site – I honestly spent quite a while clicking through it all!

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