Be the Finder of Lost Love at Flashpoint Finds


Hey everyone –

I am one of the authors taking part in a new experimental anthology called Finder of Lost Love. It’s an ebook containing short stories or novel excerpts by twelve different romance writers, but what sets it apart from other anthologies is that there’s a central mystery story running through it. It begins with a woman trying to find her lost love and you, the reader, help her by finding clues located throughout the short stories. If you solve the mystery, then you can win prizes through Flashpoint Finds. A short from my Fever is included. The other authors write in various romance subgenres.

It’s free to register at FF, and each ebook is 99 cents. Take a sneak peek tutorial and learn more about it at the Flashpoint Finds website. Or, you can watch the video below to learn more about the concept behind FF. And, here is the book’s pre-order link on Amazon. It releases October 2.

Finally, if you’re into social media and are interested in using Thunderclap, please join our campaign!


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