These are slide shows from Swan Lake Samba Girl’s Flickr albums – yes, it’s pre-Instagram! They’re mostly from ballroom / Latin dance competitions or photos of ballet dancers or performances. Enjoy :)

Pasha and Anya Burn the Floor on Broadway

Merce Cunningham’s Last Choreography, “Event” in Lower Manhattan, which took place right after Cunningham’s death

Manhattan DanceSport Championships 2009

Nina Ananiashvili’s Farewell Performance from American Ballet Theater

Roberto Bolle and Veronika Part at the ABT stage door, Met Opera House 2009

Martin Kippenberger’s The Happy End to Franz Kafka’s Amerika, exhibit at MOMA – I first saw this exhibit in Sweden and was so excited when it came to New York.

So You Think You Can Dance Tour, 2008

Sean Bell shooting trial, verdict day, 2008 – I covered this trial on my blog and for Huffington Post

Blackpool Dance Festival, 2008

2008: Ballroom competitions, Dominican Republic, Ballet Theater curtain calls, other dance in NYC

2007: Ballroom, Jacob’s Pillow, Martha’s Vineyard, Liverpool

2006 Hodgepodge: Blackpool Dance Festival / American Ballet Theater curtain calls / U.S. National Championships / some of my own dancing :)

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