Witty Kitty: Black Cats Tell All, by Layla Morgan Wilde

This fun, colorful book edited by Layla Morgan Wilde seeks to dismantle the myth that black cats are creatures to be feared. And it does! Not that said myth is not ridiculous to begin with – are we still living in the Medieval Age? Yet it is a sad truth that black cats are the least often adopted at shelters, so the general public must still harbor some kind of unconscious antiquated superstition.

Well, we don’t get those people, but this book is a beautiful testament to the fact that black cats are wonderful little people, just like all cats 🙂 We found the book, by the way, at our very favorite local cat lounge, La Gattara, in Tempe, AZ. It’s a compilation of stories of black cats from all over the world. Ms. Wilde ran a Kickstarter campaign to raise money for the project and many of the stories included are from contributors and others she met on the internet. Hence, there’s a real variety of stories. There are long-haired Persians like Merlin the Exotic from Australia, short-haired Sophie the Model from New Jersey, Penelope the Kitten from California, Notchik from Russia (a story translated from Russian), Juro & Django from Belgium, etc. etc. etc. The cats’ favorite hobbies, treats, toys, quotes and social media outlets are listed by their humans, along with lots and lots and LOTS of colorful photos. Some humans wrote stories of overcoming life difficulties through the aid of their cat, of rescuing a cat, of being rescued by a cat, some wrote poems. It’s really a unique book, absolutely puuurrrrfect for the coffee table of every cat lover!

Witty Kitty’s sister Rhea poses above with the book, and she gives it five delicious bonito flakes!

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