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“An accomplished and delicious series delivers a behind-the-scenes look at competitive dance, and the passions and evils that abound.” – Robena Grant, author of Corsica Gate and Ring Me Later

“The storyline is unique, the interaction between the emotionally complex protagonists is compelling, and the dash of suspense adds to the fast pace. ” Romantic Times Book Reviews Review of SASHA Book 1

“Fever is exactly what the title describes; a hot, sweaty, passionate read that might make you dizzy, and is most definitely hot, hot, HOT! Tonya Plank is a new author to me, but I will definitely be looking out for more from her in the future, which is good because it looks like there will be more Ballroom Romances to come!” – Readers’ Favorite (Katelyn Hensel)

“‘Sasha is an excellent read, and one that will entice readers to read more of Ms. Plank’s books and eagerly await the next installment of Sasha and Rory’s story.” InD’tale Magazine

“Wow!!! I’m in love. I forgot how sexy dancing can be.” Lillian, Goodreads

“And Sasha…the man is swoon worthy! He’s sex on long, strong, and sexy, latin dance legs, with a Russian accent that is drool worthy. He’s a confident, alpha male, who takes control on and off the dance floor. -Becky R., Reading Alley

“Truth? I despise cliffhangers. But every once in a while, a series comes along with all the right ingredients. Just the right mixture to reel me in. And, my book friends, this is one of them!!” – The Sassy Bookista

“Sasha is every woman’s dream. … I would place this series definitely in my: ‘everyone must read these books corner’.” With Love for Books

“This entire book was a build up of sexual tension … so delicious it’s like sex on hardwood.” Romance4thebeach, review of Fever, Book One

“While book 1 intrigues you, this one draws you in and doesn’t really let you go.” Romance4thebeach, review of Fever, Book Two

“As a whole this is a series that will make you want to go out there and take some ballroom dance classes of your own! … Naked dancing here people. Naked…dancing.” Romance4thebeach, review of Fever, Book Three

“Fever moves at a fast pace and is easy to read with a lot of emotion, intrigue, rivalry and friendship. There are fantastic secondary characters and our hero certainly is swoon-worthy.” Sharon’s Book Nook

“The steady build-up of Rory and Sasha’s personal and professional relationship created great sexual tension!” Busy Bumble Bee Book Reviews

“I enjoyed the authentic feel of this novel. Tonya Plank submerses you in the Ballroom world and you feel like you don’t need to be a ballroom dancer to understand it.” Texas Book Nook

“Tonya Plank’s FEVER (INFECTIOUS RHYTHM series) is a sexy contemporary ballroom romance in three parts that delivers real characters, a fascinating look into the scandalous competitive ballroom dance scene and PASSION – on the dance floor AND in the bedroom.” Liz, Goodreads

“Had a great time with Rory & Sasha…had a few cries…but all in all the adventure with them was awesome!” Late Night Sexy Book Reviewer

“The difference between the different styles of dance was paramount to the tale. At the same time, its sensuality is apparent throughout.” Pure Jonel (review of Book 1)

“Wow! What a fantastic look at life in the world of ballroom dancing!” Pure Jonel (review of Book 2)

“As a whole this was a quite enjoyable finale to Plank’s series. The character development continued throughout while life in the realm of ballroom dancing became very real for me.” (review of Book 3) Pure Jonel

“If you are interested in dancing, this is one book that you could learn a lot from. Definitely worth reading. ” Penny For My Thoughts

“The characters had their flaws but you still felt captivated about them and wanted them to succeed. That is a true testament to a writers ability to pen a good novel in my opinion.” A Life Through Books

“I love watching people dance and this novel really made me want to take some dancing lessons (which I just might be doing soon).” Courtney’s Reads

“In fact the story moved on in such a pace towards the end that the cliff hanger ending left me high and dry. I badly wanted to get hold of the next book.” Books and Ink

“This story will help us to learn more about ballroom dancing and how hard the steps are. You will also learn the dirty side of the judges… I cannot wait to read the second book.” Jessica Cassidy’s blog

“Readers will find this fictional glimpse into the dance world informative, and the author’s talent for description pulls the reader in.” InD’Tale Magazine

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