Does God Want Us To Eat Fishsticks Tonight For Dinner?

Another fun, book-y meme I found from Konagod. I’m always for memes that promote books 🙂

Grab the book nearest to you, go to page 123, and read the fifth sentence.

“There are surely as many things that deserved to make it to market but were overlooked as there are things that made it to market and then flopped.”

From The Long Tail, by Chris Anderson. Great book, by the way, accessible to the average non-economics major and providing a lot of food for thought about, amongst other industries, publishing.

Above post title, by the way, is from a scene in Running With Scissors (both book and movie) in which the kooky members of the psychiatrist’s family make decisions based upon words they finger to in a randomly-opened book. This meme just kind of reminded me of it, in a goofy way.

Konagod also posted of all the “best” blogs (meaning the blog that garnered the most audience votes from each category, after being selected by judges as a finalist in that category) from the Weblog awards.

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