Swallow … hooks you from the opening pages with its breathless urgency and captures what it’s like to live in NY now, with money worries and ambition and myriad obligations breathing down your neck, and none of it written in cutesy chick-lit’ry. So give it a try.” —Vanity Fair Online, James Wolcott, January 15, 2010

“Plank has a knack for combining philosophical opinions, hard-luck family stories, discount shopping triumphs, and gently slapstick humor into a book that makes readers laugh, think, and swallow hard in sympathy.” —ForeWord Reviews

“Tonya Plank’s book SWALLOW is a real page turner, & she shows that lawyers get as intensely nervous as dancers.” — Wendy Perron, Editor-in-Chief of Dance Magazine, via Twitter.

“Tonya Plank has written a novel about a woman coming of age at thirty; about moral and psychological integrity, with strong sentiments on male/female relationships between father and daughters and the undercurrents that appear in love and social relationships within those dynamics.  This is not just regional, women’s fiction – it transcends any genre. As the layers unravell like an onion, I fell into Sophie’s world most intently.  Ms. Plank’s first novel is a brilliant show of even greater things to come.  She is an author to watch and follow.  I know her next novel will be even more brilliant than this one, if that is possible.The Review Broads (emphasis in the original)

“I swallowed it up, no pun intended… The novel is very chatty and engaging… A great beach read.” —Gotham Gal (Books of the Moment sidebar)

“Swallow by Tonya Plank is an entertaining and engrossing read about an ambitious young lawyer in New York City … [and] a moving exploration of a condition known as Globus Hystericus, in which an internally overwrought patient feels as if something is always in the way of food and drink going down her throat, and at times, of words coming out.  In other words, the person is literally choking on psychological issues.” — Nina Sankovich, Read All Day

“…As engaging as any book I have read. Although it does seem to be a little long at first, the character development is so appealing that once you start reading you find yourself eagerly anticipating what will come next…” — Maureen Linehan,

“An entertaining pick for general fiction readers.” Midwest Book Review

“Ordinarily I don’t say much to embellish the material provided by authors and publishers for our sponsorship titles, but it’s not often that — for a mere 99 cents — we get to play a part in discovering a new novelist who is destined for very big things, as you can see from the 5-star reviews from some of the top Amazon reviewers to the great blurbs and book description below. As one of Tonya Plank’s first readers among the citizens of Kindle Nation, I promise that you are in a for a real treat.” -S.W. Kindle Nation Daily (Editor’s Note)

“Essentially, Swallow is a coming-to-grips-with-who-you-are story. And it’s a good one.” Basil & Spice

“…a terrific character study of a mid twenties woman struggling with a psychological disorder … Fans will root for this wonderful heroine who refuses to allow her delicate condition and her sense of not belonging from preventing her from doing her best for her indigent clients who face a system that scorns them as losers for being poor.” Harriet Klausner, #1 top Amazon Reviewer

A Single-Minded Women “Red Hot Read” Selection and Editor’s Pick

“…an extraordinary first novel, more literary fiction than just chick-lit.” Media Mover

“This book leaves us wide open for a series. Will there be another Sophie book? Even if there isn’t this one is definitely worth picking up.”A Moment with Mystee

“Although sometimes predictable the book has some humor and very detailed description of one of the country’s most gripping moments. The author has caught the feel and way of life in NY…” Books and Chat

“The reader feels Sophie’s pain and turmoil as Tonya Plank has managed to deftly present her character with no cover-ups but with an honest, engaging, tense presentation that opens a new window into the life of families, friends and the law profession.” Crystal Book Reviews / The Best Reviews

“The colorful cast of characters along with the fascinating storyline which includes the tragedy of 9/11 will keep you turning the pages!” Frugal Plus

“To me, Sophie is a strong, passionate and brave character, that I actually can see myself looking up to her in a way.” In the Forest Book Reviews

“Plank has created a wonderfully three-dimensional and quite believable character in Sophie, and Swallow presents an almost painfully realistic portrait of a young woman’s journey from emotional repression and self-doubt to emotional freedom and self-assurance.” Savannah Now / Musings of an All Purpose Monkey

“As an original story concept, Swallow doesn’t break new ground, but there are authentic moments at the Public Defender’s Office as Sophie fights for “the people society turns its back on.” Overall, I found it easy to read and finish this book, and I wanted to see what would happen in the end.” IndieReader Staff Review

“…this novel was a little odd, but for all of its quirky dialogue, and flamboyant situations (hello penis lamp) the story was surprisingly profound.” KindleObsessed

Swallow by Tonya Plank, is one of those books that sounds frightening, and it is. But it is so much more! … From the first page, I was so fascinated that I simply could not put it down.” Laurel Rain-Snow’s Potpourri

“I think the source of Sophie’s neurosis is brilliant, and one to which so many women can relate. I am particularly pleased that the book is structured with black humor, as opposed to an overly dramatic version of the story.” Tiffany’s Bookshelf

Swallow is unlike any novel I’ve ever read before, and I loved it from the first sentence to the last.” Blue Archipelago Reviews

“I expected this book to be dark and serious but it actually reads like a chick-lit or a light novel, which was a welcome change. In spite of this, the author never undermined Sophie’s problem or made light of it which I really liked.” Violet Crush

“I thought it was extremely edgy and dark, and I enjoyed Plank’s writing. I think readers should give this novel a chance, even though the synopsis may see a little far-out, the story is meaningful.”Chick Lit Plus

“For those of you unfamiliar with law and lawyers, such as I am, reading Tonya Plank’s book opens up a whole new world, or new dimension for that matter.” Long Live the Lit: A Place for Women’s Fiction

“I found Sophie to be an intriguing, multi-level character.I think I really related to her because I am a ‘slow to boil’ person, also, who has trouble showing anger. ” Red Adept

“…I was happy with the way the story turned out and delighted in watching the main character grow. I liked the message of the book also as I think it’s an important one for all of us.”– The Cajun Book Lady

“All the characters are beautifully woven and integrated in the story which gives the reader the opportunity to relate to them. Each character has an impact, either good, bad or both, on how the main character is shaped or is being molded.” Michele Tater, Review the Book

Swallow is well written and provides a side of life I am not familiar with at all.” Simply Stacie

A top 10 September pick on The Frugal Kindle.

“Wow! This book was a revelation! Tonya Plank’s writing style is captivating and natural, Sophie is a very likable girl-next-door character, Swallow is truly a great surprise novel. would recommend it to everyone.” Ex Libris

“Plank’s depiction of what it was like to be at Ground Zero during September 11 is one of the most vivid accounts I have read about the tragedy.  I could almost feel the dust in my lungs and how it would have been to not be able to find a door to a building to get inside.” Style Substance Soul

Swallow has definitely opened my eyes when it comes to Psychological Disorders.” Spellbound by Books

“I found myself cheering for her as she gained a voice and a new inner strength, and though we’re left knowing her “fist-ball” will never leave completely, we feel fairly confident that she has the ability to control it.” A Nut in a Nutshell

“Read it instead of seeing ‘Sex and the City.'” Christy Leigh Stewart (YouTube video)

Swallow is a featured book in Shelfari’s November 2010 newsletter.

“The uniqueness of Sophie’s problem keeps the familiar plot fresh.” Kindle Books Reviewed

“This is a wild and fun romp full of satire, symbolism and insight into the lives of the educationally priviledged and spoiled vs the “real” people. It’s a look into the workings of the public defender’s life and the big city lawyer’s mindset.” Lavender Rose Ramblings

Included in Kindle Nation’s Indie Authors Hall of Fame

“I especially enjoyed how the author wove her relationship with her father, his career and his downright self-centered-ness. The secondary character development in this book is so outstanding that it makes the entire book worth reading – right down to the very last “’um’.” Candy’s Raves

“Swallow by Tonya Plank looks like an amazing book and one I’d like to read.” 1st Turning Point (responding to book trailer)

“Very unique and different, and a wonderful story that was a pleasure to read! I can’t wait to read more by Tonya!” Hanging Off the Wire

“The major characters were well defined and, in the case of Sophie, I liked her immediately. The premise of the story and plot is good. On a purely objective level – at least as close as I can get – this book has it all.” Big Al’s Books and Pals

Listed as a top indie book on The Book or Bust

“The novel’s won a bunch of awards and is head-and-shoulders (and, in this case, throat) above most of the romance-novel bargains which Kindle pushes.”

A February 2012 selection of the Phoenix Society For the Arts book club.

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“The Suspect”

“Tonya Plank, author of the award-winning Swallow, depicts Jamar’s fear and confusion as he’s questioned by the police in a way that’s completely palpable and absolutely heartbreaking, and which makes “The Suspect” a story more than well worth your time and $0.99.” Book Reviews by Elizabeth A. White

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