Front Page of New York Law Journal!

Judge Faulted for Game Show article in NYLJ

So, the story about my case made the front page of the New York Law Journal yesterday! (It’s the one at the bottom, titled “Judge Faulted For Offering Defendant ‘Game Show’ Choice”) My quote is on page two.

article page two

Mr. Perrotta actually closed the article with my words, which made sense because it was a good sum-up of the strange case. He just quoted me saying I was happy that Mr. Nicholson (my client) had the conviction removed from his record now and that the case was very odd and I’d never seen anything like it before. So I managed not to sound like a Valley Girl after all! (I think…) At least if I did say something nutty over the phone like, “I was like, I totally can’t believe the judge did that!,” Mr. Perrotta used the coherent sentence! The reporter’s first name is Tom, by the way, so he shares the same name as the novelist who wrote Election and Little Children. I assume it’s not the same writer — maybe I was interviewed by a famous novelist! Anyway, I’d link to the article online but you can’t access it unless you’re a subscriber to that newspaper. All the guys in the mail room — Pete, Anthony, and Craig — were jokingly calling me “Miss Hollywood” all day and asking for my autograph 🙂

Then, later in the day, Pete brought me this sweet Christmas card from another of my clients, from prison. Look how cute this angel is…

Christmas card from client

And, this must be my fifteen minutes of fame weekend, because Kristin Sloan posted the picture I’d sent to the Winger of my first performance as a child!! She’s still taking Winger reader submissions of their “First Performance” pieces, by the way, so everyone who has ever performed should send one in to her! Do it! It’s fun 🙂


  1. Congrats! I bet you feel awesome! I saw your picture up at the Winger!

  2. Tonya,
    Congratulations on your being quoted in the New York Law Journal. I will look for it tomorrow when I go to work. I am an avid reader of The Winger and the Ranting Blog and have seen your numerous comments.
    I work with a lawyer as a paralegal, assistant, office manager etc… There are only the 2 of us. He is a finance, corporate lawyer and we service a hedge fund. So no litigation for us, of any kind. When the case arises, we refer to other litigator (which does rhyme with alligator!!!???!!!) Please do forgive my pun.
    Also congratulations on your blog winning an award.
    And do enjoy the City Ballet Rep season which is finally starting.
    Best of luck in all your endeavours.

  3. Thanks, you guys! I recognize your name too, Lili — you’re David’s friend, right?

    That was kind of funny seeing my picture on the Winger — I’d sent in that story a while ago and kind of forgot about it. I hope you guys sent in stories too 🙂 It’s funny though because you can post any old thing about yourself and goofy pictures on your own blog, but when you see them on someone else’s it’s such a funny bizarre feeling! And then, I linked to Kristin’s post here, and it seems to have appeared as a comment on her blog — which is kind of cool how she did that, set it up so that whenever anyone links to her it automatically appears on the Winger! She’s so talented with the internet, I can never figure out how to do stuff like that…

  4. Tonya,
    I have found the New York Law Journal of last Friday and I am looking at the article, in between Partnership Agreements….
    Thank you for recognizing my name. I had met David briefly a few years ago. David is such a gracious person and had always recognized me when our paths cross.
    I also take ballet class with Zvi Gotheiner which is where Sloan had gone back for her first ballet class.
    Again, Congratulations on all your great legal work.
    And I hope you do get to Bahia and Samba your heart out.

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