I Won a "Rodney" Blog Award!!!

Public Defender Blog Awards Announcement

Ha ha ha — I am extremely delighted to announce that I just won a blogging award (my first!) 🙂 It’s from the Public Defender Investigator Network’s Blog, who suitably named their awards “The “Rodneys,” as in comedian Rodney “I get no respect” Dangerfield, which I think is hilarious! My category is, aptly, “Best Title of a Blog That Has Nothing To Do With the Job” — what, you mean, Swan Lake Samba Girl doesn’t just scream Public Defender??? 🙂 Also in my category, as runner-up, is Knit in the City, a charming knitting blog.

Seriously, this is a very fun honor!! Here are the other winners (most of whom write actual Public Defender blogs!)


  1. hahahahaha Cool! you see, fame is knocking on your door already 😀
    (and I could use some inspiration also, some friends complained that my blog´s title is very boring…and I agree…hehehehe)

  2. Blogging rocks the world…today I found mine translated into Portuguese!

    Awards are good – did it include a cash stipend or at least a free lunch?



  3. I wish, Philip! That’s hilarious about all the translations — maybe it’s because you write eloquently about highbrow things like opera that naturally lend themselves to beautifully-sounding foreign languages?…

    And speaking of pretty foreign languages — Dea, I like your title — but maybe that’s because it’s in Portuguese so sounds very sophisticated to me, the way operas do when they haven’t been translated into English! And you added a little subtitle too, right (the adventures of a girl in love to a new life — or something like that) — I think that’s very sweet!

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