Not Strictly Ballroom: The First Ever 5-Boro Dance Challenge For Same Sex Ballroom Couples

Last weekend my friend invited me to this new ballroom dance competition held here in NY: the 5-Boro Challenge, a competition for same-sex ballroom dance couples. I couldn’t go and now I’m kicking myself because it looks like it was a total blast. And, it got a write-up in the City section of this Sunday’s New York Times!

I can’t seem to find a link to the Times — they don’t seem to have their City section online. But if you’re in the New York area, look for the article in hard copy at your local newsstand 🙂 (Edit: Jennifer found the link – it’s here — thanks Jen!) And, read about the Challenge at the above link. Also, I am told that this photographer was at the event — it doesn’t look like she has pics up yet from the 5-Boro, but she has some other great photos from Hungary, where there is apparently the largest same-sex ballroom dancing comp in the world!

Here’s a picture my friend sent me of some of the lovely ladies who participated:


  1. here is the nytimes link!

  2. Those lovely ladies could have been in a 70s punk band! What year is this?? 😆

    (Hope your birthday was a blast!)

  3. Aw thanks kongagod! I know, it does look very retro! My friend, kneeling down in front, could only laugh at all the makeup 🙂

  4. Angela Jimenez, whose site you linked to, is the same photographer who was shadowing us for a couple of weeks and whose photos were published in the story in the Times. Whether she’ll put more up on her personal site remains to be seen – I’ll find out.

  5. Also – the makeup and hair were done by professionals, but not ballroom types – which is why we look so punk and not so ballroom. For many of us, I admit, it was a relief.

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