Crappy Wireless Connection

So I’m finally able to connect my computer at the internet cafe, but the wireless connection is bad and intermittent. Plus, there are only two tables with a close outlet so I had to wait nearly 1/2 hour to plug in, and I’m getting several evil eyes right now… Anyway, I managed to download all of my pictures that I took during the first two days (including opening Congress — series of lectures) and the team match. I don’t have all of the captions up and correct, but please look at my pics under photos, under 2007 under Blackpool (don’t have time to link now!). I’m also posting via mobile phone (can’t wait to see my T-Mobile bill when I return…) — pics my cellphone takes are crappy, so sorry about that, but it may be the best I can do until I get home. I have soooo much to write about! OOh, have just been told my little internet cafe is closing in 10 minutes, so now I have to get out of here… I’ll try to write more tomorrow, but if I can’t get a coveted outlet table, I’ll write when I get back home… please enjoy my pics in the meantime 🙂

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