First Time Out New York touts this as a way to … get your jollies watching sexy people or something or rather in its annual “Horny” issue, or whatever it was called, and now Anthony Ramirez from the New York Times is on the bandwagon. Can everyone please stop broadcasting!!!! If I ever go back to Quenia Ribeiro’s Samba class, I am going to have to ensure beforehand that it is held in the UPSTAIRS studio! Seriously though, what is it that draws passersby to Ailey’s windows like this? I think it’s those rhythmic, pulsating Afro-Cuban or Samba drums and the beautifully snaky, undulating, hip-py, exotic-looking (to us) movement. Methinks people are drawn to the exotic and rhythmic in dance right now…


  1. I wouldn’t have minded it before all the publicity when pedestrians just casually looked in. But I think it would bother me with all of the publicity – it’s like street-level Google maps for dance.

  2. Well, dance is sexy. And dancers are sexy.

  3. Haha, not me, Philip! People who know what they’re doing and are not clueless are sexy, hehe!

    Doug, those street-level Google maps are really interesting. I know you’ve blogged a lot about them; I am going to have to investigate them more…

  4. i think in theory, dance class viewing should be sexy…but that doesn’t always happen in reality 🙂

  5. I can’t imagine what anyone would thing watching the dance classes I take. A bunch of sweaty women drilling technique and making crass jokes… ok, well maybe I could see how that might be kind of sexy. Never mind. 😉

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