Balanchine's jewels

Balanchine’s jewels

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At nycb with Dea wandering around lobby during intermission – this is my first time seeing it!


  1. did u like it?

    it sorta bothers me that balanchine “pieces” random pieces of music like that…the three music pieces don’t really “go” together.

  2. Tonya, we were looking for you at JEWELS…did you sit downstairs?

    Balanchine’s choice of music for JEWELS is very intriguing: the romance of Faure, the jazzy syncopation of RUBIES, and the classicism of Tchaikovsky. It makes for an evening of contrasts lit by an underlying theme. Everyone who watches JEWELS will have their favorite segment; mine is EMERALDS.

  3. Yeah, I did like it, Jennifer, am going to blog about it as soon as I get a chance! I saw it as being more about different eras or styles of ballet than about anything else (like, literally jewels — I think he used the metaphor of different gems to reflect each style), so because of that, I thought the totally different music styles made sense, whereas if it was all one piece, it probably wouldn’t have…

    Yeah, we sat in orchestra this time, Philip! Totally different view, though, as I’ve said before, I do think ALL of the seats in the State Theater are good. But some of the dancers looked so different — was that really Yvonne Bouree in Rubies??? It looked nothing like her? And I think you’re totally right about people each having their favorite section. I went into it expecting to like fun, jazzy American red Rubies the best, but ended up being blown away by Diamonds!

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