So Excited: Tonight, Favorites Dancing Swans, and in the Future, a Portrait in Dance of Chuck Close!

Marcelo Gomes

Tonight I’m seeing Swan Lake performed by these two above — my favorite Marcelo Gomes and the ballerina EVERYONE’S talking about, Diana Vishneva. I’m so excited — my first time seeing them dance together 🙂

[Image above taken from Walker Gallery] Also, I’m so excited about this. During their upcoming Fall season, American Ballet Theater will be premiering a brand new ballet by Finnish choreographer Jorma Elo set to Philip Glass’s piece “A Musical Portrait of Chuck Close,” with set designs by that oh so iconic artist. I just love Chuck Close and I’ve loved everything I’ve seen so far by Elo, and of course Philip Glass is Philip Glass — this is going to be a HUGE collaboration between three spectacular artists from three different fields and is one I just can’t wait to see!

They’ve also got a bunch of other very fabulous stuff on the Fall agenda, including another premiere choreographed by NYCBallet dancer Benjamin Millepied, an ABT premiere of another Balanchine I haven’t seen, and revivals of some of my favorites, including Tharp’s Sinatra Suite 🙂 Robbins’s Fancy Free 🙂 Stanton Welch’s Clear and Lar Lubovitch’s Meadow. Go here to see it all.


  1. don’t forget to let us know what you think! I wasn’t impressed by her O/O last year but she’s an excellent dancer, so maybe she’ll do something fabulous this time 🙂 She does like to recreate her roles each time (which is excellent!) so its possible, maybe even likely!!

  2. Yes, I’ll write about it soon — after I hand in this brief… Basically, I thought she was good (and really good in certain things — like the Black Swan) but only on her OWN — I didn’t think they worked very well as a partnership — he tried, but it was like she wasn’t working with him; it was like she was ignoring him. I’ll hopefully get a chance to post on it later today!

  3. I was there and she was stunning, but she was there mostly alone… Marcelo looked like he was not getting good vibes from her and so he simply partnered like a good fellow. I think they can and will do better. Separately they are each amazing..but they need to work out the chemistry.

    I often wonder how these dancers actually feel about each other and how that affects how they partner together.

    I get the impression from Diana that she is so devoted to her craft that she forgets that she needs to work WITH her partner.

    Nevertheless I loved her performance. She was hot… and so cool. No?

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