Flickr Problems

I seem to be having problems posting directly from my cell phone to my blog via Flickr. I checked the settings and they’re all correct. Are any other bloggers who post via mobile phones having this problem? Anyway, the last three entries I had to post manually through Flickr. They were originally uploaded yesterday afternoon, so the “yesterdays” referred to mean Thursday! Also, since I had to upload multiple times through Flickr, I apologize in advance if the last three entries re-post!

I got back home from Jacob’s Pillow yesterday afternoon. I had an amazing time and promise to blog about it and post lots of pics in the photo album today and tomorrow!


  1. if you’re using cingular, there are known issues with delayed picture and text messages.
    oftentimes, it’s hard to figure out what’s going on, because it could be flickr, the cell phone carrier, or both.

    otherwise, the only other thing i could think was that the email address was wonky.

    there are two email addresses flickr creates for you. one that allows posting to flickr, and another that allows posting to flickr AND your blog. i’d just double check you’re sending to the correct email address (which you were because they eventually went up).

  2. Thanks Jaki. I use T-Mobile which is on the same network as Cingular, so that’s probably part of it anyway! The latest one I posted of the Michalek project went directly through without me having to go onto Flickr and post it to the blog again, and this time they even gave me a nice, larger picture! So, I feel like it’s always a surprise with Flickr!

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