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How do i tell if it’s a mouse or a baby rat? Are they scared of water? Am i safe in the shower?


  1. HAHA! I don’t know about the water situation, but my aunt gets mice occasionally. She buys no-kill traps and puts peanut butter in them (I think). The trap catches the mouse, but then you have to take it somewhere and let it go. Be sure to take it far from your house/apartment, or it’ll come right back.

    If you go to a hardware store, they should be able to help. That’s where she gets her traps.

  2. Sounds like a good idea that Melinda has. I know you will have to have someone come in and pick up the mouse (dead or alive) and take it somewhere far far away. I know you won’t be able to handle that job. Does your landlord handle such requests?

  3. Okay, I once showered with a mouse at my parents’ house way out in the country. I’m pretty sure it didn’t get in there on its own, but that a cat placed it there while “playing.” My cats had done that before – they thought it was fun because the mice couldn’t get enough traction to get out once in the tub, therefore still being there after the cats would nap, for instance. It was inbetween the liner and the edge of the tub, and I didn’t even notice it for ALMOST the whole shower. It cowered the whole time – I don’t think they like water (or giant humans washing their hair – one or the other).

    What is that Augusten Burroughs essay about him killing a mouse in his tub again?

  4. Once I was letting the water out of the bathtub and a mouse swam up from the drain and paddled around the tub til it was empty and then he went back down the drain…

    I once had a bat get into my apartment in Hartford. My faithful old cat Boo swatted him out of the air and sat on him til he suffocated.

  5. Go to your local hardware store and ask them the most humane way to catch (trap) a little harmless mouse so you can take it elsewhere and let it loose.

  6. i used to do mice research and i do know that mice are able to paddle around til their fur gets wet and then they drown…

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