Help help please please

Help help please please

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I was sitting on my couch contently reading my new saira rao book when for the first time ever something darted across my floor. I have never ever had a mouse problem ever — ever! Likely because i used to have a cat (who passed away not long ago) what to do what to do what to do! I absolutely cannot kill anyone — how do i nicely entice him or her out??? How do i even find it?


  1. We have a cat, but he has absolutely no hunting instinct. We had a mouse, and Pushkin thought it was his new friend.

    When we had a small squirrel in the house, my boyfriend handled it like a spider, putting a cardboard box over him, sliding a magazine underneath, then carrying it outside.

    When we had the mouse, it was so petrified by the cat that we were able to pick it up with a paper towel, then taking it outside, where it re-arranged itself to look more dead, lay still for about 10-15 minutes, then got up and ran off. we got a picture:

  2. Ugh mice are such a frustrating problem. In the studio company apartment (with 6 teenage boys) we had TONS of mice and some of the brutish boys dealt with them in a manner which I won’t describe here. In my second apartment, with schizophrenic (not joking) roommate who refused to clean, we also had tons of mice.

    The best traps I have found for them are the glue ones which usuually work very well but just seem so inhumane. The mice get on there and then don’t die which is bad news. I recently had someone tell me that if you ever have a mouse problem to use the glue trap and as soon as they are caught, put them in the freezer so they just go to sleep rather than gnaw their legs off. THERE HAS TO BE A BETTER WAY THAN THESE!

    I, too, have a hard time dealing with them and have been fortunate enough to not have any problems in my new apartment.

    My dad and I managed to catch one once in a box and then take it outside and release it which was by far the best way but included a lot of running around the apartment screaming and pouncing with a box. Not fun, but rather funny. Sorry, this is probably no help. Just letting you know that I’m sending out positive mouse vibes for you!

  3. I suggest getting another cat!

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