A Little Overwhelmed!

Each day yet more of the splendid Fall Season’s offerings flood my mailbox. So exciting! But a little nervewracking, given all the things I have to order tickets for! This is why I so love NY though — that unique combination of intoxicating stimulation and potentially migraine-inducing excess… (or in my case, TAC-headache-inducing excess … am trying to tell myself I do NOT feel one coming on, but am armed with meds just in case…)

Well, I guess this is what the holiday is for, to breathe deeply, lounge around, rest up for the happy hubbub to come 🙂 Happy Labor Day, everyone, have a long and relaxing weekend!


  1. Oh how many times I wish I lived in the city instead of out here in the burbs. So many performances I would go see – of course I’d go broke! I’ve got my Wheeldon and ABT fall tix (just 1 each, boohoo). My daughter (who lives in Manhattan) is going to the boxoffice to buy us the Fall for Dance tix (now those are prices I like!) and I’m going to try to see ABT at the Guggenheim. I can’t do a series so I’m hoping that by the time the single tix go on sale the Sunday ABT isn’t sold out. I see that the Monday is already sold out. Fingers crossed.

  2. Ah you’re so lucky! I’ve felt arts deprived ever since I came back home!

  3. Don’t forget MORPHOSES at City Center: October 17-21!!

  4. I know Philip, I haven’t received any flyers from them, have you?

  5. I went on the City Center website for Wheeldon ticket info.

  6. Just found out both ABT dates at the Guggenheim are sold out – I’m bummed 🙁

  7. Oh no, Barbara — that sucks! Although I’ve gone to a few of the Guggenheim events and there are always seats available, even when they said they were sold out. One time a friend really wanted to go — this was the David Michalek Slow Dancing event — and they said they were sold out but he showed up anyway and got a last minute ticket. So, you could try that.

  8. Thanks Tonya! I heard the same thing on Ballet Talk – that if you show up about an hour before the performance there’s a good chance you’ll get in. I’m going to give it a try!

  9. Another coming event to think about: Astor Piazzolla’s tango-opera MARIA DE BUENOS AIRES being offered by Gotham Chamber Opera down at the Skirball Center (Washington Square South) on September 26, 28 & 29. David Parsons is choreographing and his troupe Parsons Dance are featured; Pablo Pugliese is co-choreographer. I went to a rehearsal the other day because my friend Nicole Piccolomini has the title-role and I was blown away by the music and the dancing.

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