Sports Injuries

Marcelo Gomes

According to Ballet Talk (a reliable source), my other favorite Brazilian dancer (the professional one, not the amateur 🙂 ) is unfortunately injured and will be unable to keep his upcoming guest appearances with the Los Angeles Ballet. Thanks to Delirium and Barbara for pointing me to this. Poor Los Angeleans! And poor Marcelo — this is not his first injury.

Many people don’t realize how hard ballet is on the body; they think it’s just a beautiful art, which of course it is, but it is also one of the most physically demanding and difficult of all sports. I think it was Einstein who called ballet dancers God’s athletes. While it should come as no surprise that dancer injuries are not uncommon, it’s disappointing to me that they’re not treated the same in popular culture as sports injuries. Anyway, speedy recovery, Marcelo!!!

Also, for New York City Ballet fans: Ashlee Knapp recently left a comment on my former post, where there was discussion about her whereabouts. Poor thing; she has a really horrible-sounding injury. Go here and scroll down to the comments section to see what she wrote.


  1. hm, he was in fancy free last night and there was no sign of injury whatsoever. and he’s doing sinatra suite this weekend!

  2. Really! Maybe BT was wrong… I’m so glad you got to see him 😀 I love him in Fancy Free — wasn’t he so great as that cocky sailor 😀 😀 I love him in Sinatra too, even if he’s not Barysh 🙂 Are you seeing him in that? Well, I’ll have to look at your blog!

  3. no, I actually bought tickets to see Herman in Sinatra Suite. I personally prefer Marcelo in more classical pieces, such as Sleeping Beauty and Giselle or even Balanchine – it utilizes his beautiful lines better. And I’m curious to see what Herman will do in Sinatra Suite.

  4. Oh my god, Ashlee Knapp’s injury sounds so incredibly scary – I hope she recovers!!

  5. freyja chicken

    ashlee will recover sophie. she is doing great and she had her third surgery just last wednesday. i know her. she is a great teacher.

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