David Does Guggenheim and Justin Does Nutcracker in Drag

A little birdie at the Guggenheim last night told me that none other than David Hallberg is scheduled to perform ABT‘s upcoming Works & Process event there in January!!! Julie Kent is slated to dance as well 🙂

I am behind on my reviewing, but am working hard on my Alvin Ailey post (it’s really difficult to write about something you love; you keep feeling like you’re not doing it justice…) and, after that, Shen Wei Dance Arts at Guggenheim, which I saw last night. In the meantime, here’s a funny, but informative Winger post about NYCB’s Justin Peck getting made up to dance the role of Mother Ginger in their Nutcracker. Growing up, “the fat lady with all the kids under her skirt” was always my favorite part of that ballet, so I really enjoyed this.


  1. *Gasp!* David AND Julie in January! Oh how lucky I’ll be here! Let me know if you’re going–I want to tag along!

  2. I know! I definitely plan on going, Ariel! I’ll post when the tickets go on sale because you need to buy right away; they sell out very quickly.

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