"Sex and The City" and Ballet Go Together Like…

First Candace married Charles, then Baryshnikov graced the TV show with his majestic presence, and now yummy Magnolia Bakery, whose original West Village location was popularized by the same (Sex & the City, that is, not Misha 🙂 ) is opening a new location just a few steps from Lincoln Center. Should make for an ideal after-ballet snacking ‘n chatting ground. Ariel and I, who were in the neighborhood, went to check it out today, since I’d heard it opened its doors yesterday, but unfortunately it’s only been available for private parties for the last two days. Tomorrow is its official public opening, 11 am sharp. Cupcakes for breakfast!


  1. Tonya, Sarah Jessica Parker is known to be a major ballet fan. I think she worked hard to get Baryshnikov on ‘Sex’. Although Baryshnikov’s role took ‘Sex’ to a very bad place IMO.

  2. Really, about Sarah Jessica Parker, GWTW? That’s very cool! Yeah, I remember the character he played as being not so nice, but I was still all giddy just seeing him on TV.

  3. This is very good news for ABT spring season. A treat after the performance sounds perfect!

  4. When we lived in the Village, we sometimes indulged in Magnolia treats. In fact my 50th birthday cake came from their delicious bakery. Sadly in the past decade the Village has lost its Bohemian quality (and it’s gay population) and is now an upscale setting for over-priced restaurants and boutiques, the sidewalks clogged with baby strollers, the residents rushing about in self-absorbed frenzies with cellphones permanently attached. People wanting ‘bigger and better’ living spaces keep the area in a constant state of noisy, dirty renovation.

    The result is that Magnolia has lost its neighborhood charm and now there’s a velvet rope with lines of customers stretching down the block.

    My friends who own the cozy condo on Perry Street where Wei and I lived for five years have lost their love for the old neighborhood which bears so little resemblance to the funky, friendly place we remember as Greenwich Village. They plan to sell and relocate to Boston.

  5. can’t think of a better evening than ballet followed by magnolia 🙂

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