Heads Up: Blogger / Winger Reader / Dance Fan Get-Together

For people in the New York area who happen to have tickets to the New York City Ballet matinee this Sunday, there will be an informal meet-up of dance bloggers, Winger readers, and dance fans on the promenade (that’s the main floor where the gift shop is) near the statue on the left side of the hall, during the second intermission. That’s right after Daniel Ulbricht will make his debut in Balanchine’s monumental “Prodigal Son.” Philip, who organized the get-together, and others, figured it would be an ideal meeting time since so many people are excited to see Daniel dance this role. It is a very big part for a young dancer 🙂 Jerome Robbins, Baryshnikov, and other ballet greats of yore have all danced it… So, we’ll all be there to discuss Mr. Ulbricht’s performance right afterward. And I’m sure there will be tons of press people there as well… Poor Daniel; the pressure’s on! Hehe, just kidding; this is what dancers live for, I’m sure!


  1. My guess is that Daniel is feeling cool and comfortable about his impending Prodigal. He has often said how much he enjoys performing and the ballet holds no technical challenges for him. It will be interesting to see a young man playing the part of a young man.

  2. Sorry to miss this – I would love to meet more wingers. Also Philip who I hear so much about. Have a great time!

  3. How FUN – I wish that dance bloggers outside of NY were equally on top of things like this! It really builds for a strong community and active discussion. I hope you run into David again. 🙂 I’m also looking forward to reading everyone’s review of Daniel’s debut in the Prodigal Son!

  4. As Philip pointed out, from a technical standpoint, Prodigal Son is a walk in the park for Danny Ulbricht. The real question is whether he can succeed in capturing the dramatic nuances and intensity of the role. He has never disappointed to date in any of his other roles, so my money would be on him to come through with flying colors in Prodigal as well.

    PS Have you ever seen the video of Balanchine teaching Barshynikov the role, followed by Barshynikov’s actual performance of it? It’s a classic!

  5. I agree, Bob, and no I haven’t seent that video — I’ll look for it! Barbara, I wish you could come too! Jolene, you and Jen will just have to organize such events! You guys have so many people out there too — Art and Winger Susan and Rachel Howard and Paul Parish (have you met him? — I know he’s friends with Apollinaire, but is based on SF)

  6. The SoCal people are pretty far – yeah, we should really get a group together. Dance blogging just doesn’t garner as much attention in this area, aside from people interested in very specific shows. No one seems to be as obsessed with theater or dance as me. 🙂

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