Your Mama Do Dance

Another new TV dance show, Your Mama Don’t Dance, this one on Lifetime TV, will premiere on February 29th. This one sounds pretty funny: it pairs “up and coming dancers” with their parents, the latter of whom will have a thing or two to learn for their kids’ sake, in order to stay in the competition. At the time of auditions, which have already been completed, contestants weren’t aware of these rules. I’m not sure exactly what ages the dancers are, but imagine Danny Tidwell, Pasha Kovalev, Neil Haskell being told they’d be partnering their mothers. Producer Bob Bain says it will be a “testament to how far parents will go for their children.”

Update: one blogger reports Ian Ziering (who competed on Dancing With the Stars) will host.


  1. “but imagine Danny Tidwell, Pasha Kovalev, Neil Haskell”

    Ok, so we have someone who’s mom owns the studio where he trained, someone who hasn’t seen his mom in, what, a decade, and someone who I have no idea about their mom. Here’s how I predict it would go:

    Danny: *does grand jetes around room*
    Denise: Go Danny! I shall now write your name on a towel and choreograph dances to instrumental rock songs!
    Danny: Go mom!
    *Danny and Denise perform a contemporary duet highlighting a towel and an instrumental rock song*

    (I’m cracking myself up here)

    Wow, this show sounds bad.


  2. Selly, you’re too funny! Aw, it would have been sweet for Pasha to have been able to see his mom for once though, even if she can’t dance … (I don’t know whether she can or not, actually, but I don’t think she is a former dancer)

  3. Ok, I have another. And I love babelfish.

    Pasha: Мать! Я не видел вас в декаде!
    Pasha’s mom: Pasha! Я не видел вас в декаде!
    *Pasha does Latin ballroom dancing*
    Pasha’s mom: Идет Pasha! Ð’Ñ‹ будете большим танцором ballroom!
    *Pasha teaches Pasha’s mom how to ballroom dance. They proceed to perform the Latin ballroom version of Mia Michaels’ dead daddy dance minus the whole dead daddy thing*


  4. Selly, you’re too funny! I love the cyrillic 🙂 Do you know Russian or did you use an online translator?

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