Womyn 'N Hip Hop

My write-up on the second week of MTV’s “America’s Best Dance Crew” is now up on the Huffington Post!


  1. Tonya,

    You sure get into it when you write dance. Do you think that perhaps shortening the pieces makes any sense?

    I am waiting for you to write about Vishneva’s Beauty in Motion and learn the reaction on HuffPo to the more high brow stuff.

  2. Why is one form of dance more “high brow” then another?

    I smell elitism…

    Anyways, I sort of love/hate this show. It was originally billed as a dance battle of hip-hop street crews. Yet, the only street crews who made it to the final were Status Quo, Enigma, and maybe Live in Color. The rest are dance studio teams and that’s not really what I thought this show was going to be about. Many, including even the judges (Shane mentioned this), expected a show that reflected the crew battles of yore (the 80’s) and not teams that are more “pop” so to speak.

    This is one of the reasons why the show doesn’t make sense to me. For example, how on God’s green earth did Enigma lose the battle with Iconic last week? The show awarded Iconic not because it actually was better in the battle with Enigma, but because Shane likes Iconic’s choreographer. That not how battles are decided.

    Battles also don’t include groups who do not dance hip-hop (Femme5) and don’t dance at all (BreakSk8).

    I think that next season this show needs to figure out exactly what kind of show it is. Is it a hip-hop battle show? Then you need to only include HIP-HOP crews. But, if it’s just a “dance team” show, then it needs to end its unilateral affiliation with hip-hop (the music, the two hip-hop judges, the use of the word “crew”) and just say that.

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