MTV's "Virtual Dance Off" et al

Taking off from its popular show “America’s Best Dance Crew,” MTV, along with Metacafe, is launching a “Virtual Dance Off.” According to the press release, the contest “will allow fans to create their own user-generated dance moves. Users can choreograph their moves, try out new dances and use machinima tools to film and edit their video, before uploading them to Metacafe. The top 20 videos will be featured on a “Virtual Dance Off” micro site, and in MTV’s Virtual Worlds. The community will vote and choose the Grand Prize winner on March 31, 2008.” I haven’t participated in vtmv before. Has anyone else? It sounds cool! Go here to check it out.

Speaking of “America’s Best Dance Crew“: how happy was I that Status Quo was finally NOT in the bottom three!!! Yes! I loved all that flipping they did last night. I’m always afraid someone’s going to get hurt, but they just always make me smile, and I need that after a full week of this trial. Not to wax too cheesy about these boys from the ‘hood I find so endearing, but this disturbing trial (not to mention having spent many years as a public defender) makes me think what dance can do for people — taking them out of their circumstances, giving them opportunities, allowing them to take out aggression in a positive way… Dance is important!

Anyway, I was rather shocked that the judges knocked off Living Color last night. That was pretty risky of them since audiences have voted Fysh ‘N Chicks in the bottom two for, what, three weeks, and this was Living Color’s first time being forced into the dance-off. I was sad; I really liked them — they were a fast, fun, supercharged group and I really thought they’d be in the finals. I was annoyed by Shane Sparks’s, “that’s a female, y’all” remark regarding Fysh ‘N Chicks. Has the man ever seen a gymnastics competition? For the record, yes, Shane, women can climb fences and do flips too.

Finally, a reminder that tonight is Lifetime’s new show, “Your Mama Don’t Dance,” hosted by former “Dancing With the Stars” contestant Ian Ziering. It’s on at 9 p.m. Eastern.

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