Yes, Status Quo Is Safe!

I was so worried tonight was going to be the last for my favorite group on America’s Best Dance Crew. But no! And how excellent were they? I would have never thought a hip hop Hairspray could ever be done, but they were perfect — and how hilariously sublime was Jamal’s hair?! I really loved JabbaWockeeZ too. Both of these groups have such a sense of humor, a fundamental part of this dance, yet they’re so different from each other. Incomparable. I’ll be happy if either wins the whole thing… For now, I’m just very very glad I get Status Quo for another week! Okay, off to bed to get up ridiculously early for a trial tomorrow, but just wanted to say woo hoo!!!

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  1. Hip hop Hairspray?? Fascinating – I must find it on Youtube.

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