Spammers Are Making Comment Control Difficult

I don’t know if other bloggers have been getting an obscene amount of spam lately, but I’ve been getting hundreds more than usual, within a short amount of time. I normally get about 50-70 overnight, but this morning when I woke up I had 300 “comments.” Funny because my email spam has significantly decreased. And the messages are starting to go on for hundreds of lines, most of them links. It takes forever just to scroll through them all, and I don’t have a lot of time to be doing that. So, I apologize to anyone if I’ve accidentally deleted your valid comment. Conversely, I also must have pre-approved some spammers thinking their earlier comments were valid, because somehow some of them have infiltrated my moderation system and are commenting freely without my approval. So, I also apologize if you see any comments that are clearly spam (I don’t want to say the key spam ingredients because I know this post will get bombarded with more, but you know what they are…) I really don’t like disabling comments, but this is getting really out of control…


  1. Are you using WordPress? I use it for my personal webpage, and I’ve found that a plugin called Aksimet does an excellent job of controlling spam. It misses about 2 or 3 messages a week, but I’ve never had a false positive.

  2. That’s a drag! I know the feeling because one of the email accounts I use at work gets hundreds of spam messages a day and I feel like I spend hours just dealing with that.

    I haven’t had any problems with spam, but I’m on which uses akismet, which only lets through 3 or 4 per week. As is Natalia, I’m very satisfied with it.

  3. Man, that’s rough. Sorry they are giving you such a difficult time. If I just have to comment on something you’ve said and you have comments disabled, are you ok with me e-mailing you like I’ve done before? I don’t want to be a pest, but I’ve enjoyed very much the talks we’ve had, and am looking forward to talking with you as Dancing with the Stars progresses. 😀 Hope all is well with you!


  4. That really sucks. I can’t really say “I’ve been through it too” because I think I’ve gotten 1 spam comment for the entire time my blog has been live. But, I second whoever said to try using askimet.

  5. Thanks you guys. I must have a really old version of WordPress because Ariel was telling me about Akismet too and I can’t find it anyware on my blogging software. I think I’ll contact my web guy… Sharon, yes, you can email me! But I definitely want to keep comments open for the TV shows because it’s so much fun talking with everyone about them! I enjoy our conversations too 😀

  6. Akismet is a plugin, it’s not part of the standard wordpress install. You can get it from:

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