"I Lost 10 Pounds of Fat, I Gained 100 Pounds of Angel"

Awww. That’s the most genuinely sweet thing he’s said all show. I won’t ruin it for you West Coasters, but I think a lot of people will be very happy after tonight. I am not happy though that they’re back to revealing who’s in the bottom two though. And I’m very unhappy with who that other couple was tonight.

Very happy Delyan Terziev and Boriana Deltcheva were on! They’re not the “Latin champions” as the announcers called them — more like number three at the last U.S. National Championships, but they are finalists, and so champs I guess. I really like them — they’re a tall thin couple with some really lovely artistic movement, especially in rhumba — which of course they didn’t do. Sexy shaggy haircut, Delyan 🙂 They were Pasha and Anya’s main competitors back before SYTYCD, when P&A were still competing. Everyone always wondered who’d place above whom of the finalists.

And how cute were those kids! But not so cool to have them compete against each other, huh? Couldn’t they just have danced for cry eye? But I finally got my Espana Cani with the Paso!

I wish the opening pro couples would have danced a West Coast Swing to Cheryl Crowe’s “All I Wanna Do Is Dance.” It would have exposed audiences to something new and with the honky tonk flavor of the song, it would have made more sense than a quick, sexy, trick-ridden cha cha.

I was proud of Priscilla for asserting her right to dance as she wished: a routine with lifts. She likes the look and feel of “both feet off the ground”; so do I and I applaud her for her that. The rules are ridiculous; she didn’t do any crazy showoffy tricks, it was simple and classy and fit her routine nicely. Screw the judges, but not in the way Adam suggested…

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  1. see I disagree with you on lifts… I’m a huge follower of the rules and if the rules say no lifts then no lifts *shrugs*

    all I can say is Thank god… Adam creeps me out beyond reason especially since I was really unhappy with the scores almost all the way around last night (either too high or too low)

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