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Didn’t see anyone who truly impressed me in tonight’s latin under 21 comp. I saw great technique particularly from girls but no real artistry – though maybe 17-20 is too young. Saw Maks chmerkovskiy watching.


  1. I wonder if any of Maks’ students from either of the studios went over this year, or maybe Val is competing? Hope you’re having fun!!!!

  2. hi sharon — yes, valentin’s name is listed in the competition book. tomorrow is amateur latin night, so i will definitely be on the lookout for him and promise to take as many pictures as i can! also, i appear to have the ‘paparazzi’ room in my hotel — have a perfect view of the goings-on across the street at the party hotel and i’m pretty sure i saw him and maks standing outside out front late last night!

  3. HAHA! That is so cool. He just uploaded a pic on his myspace yesterday from vacation. He’s in Spain, and for the first time in about a year, looks relaxed and happy instead of the posed Maks you see in all the red carpet pics!

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