Alvin Ailey on PBS This Sunday, and Giselle at ABT Tomorrow

(photo from PBS website)

Beyond the Steps, a documentary about Alvin Ailey American Dance Theater focusing on their recent world tours and move to their new, beautiful home in NYC, is scheduled to air on New York’s local PBS station, Channel 13, this Sunday at noon. Hopefully, it’ll show in other areas too; check your local listings.

(photo by Marty Sohl, from ABT’s website)

Also, I saw ABT‘s production of Giselle earlier this week, and just haven’t had time to write about it yet. I saw the Julie Kent / Ethan Stiefel / Michele Wiles cast, which was fine. I loved Julie, liked Ethan, and am becoming increasingly impressed with Michele. More about that very soon! But in the meantime, tomorrow (Saturday, the 12th) is the last day for this very emotional, very dramatic, and at times very beautiful ballet. It also happens to be the last day of ABT’s Met season, horribly. Matinee cast is Irina Dvorovenko in the lead, Maxim Beloserkovsky as her would-be suitor, and the always astonishing Veronika Part as the queen of the Wilis, and evening cast is the same one I saw. I hate this day each year…

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  1. I watching flipping channels and there was an old episode of Queen Eye for the Straight Guy and low and beyond who’s voice do I hear? ETHAN! He was on the episode… I’ve been trying to find a video to show you because I didn’t believe it was him at first because he had a buzz cut and I hadn’t seen any pictures of him since Center Stage. it was so weird!

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